Mani-Pedi Bomb Bag


Look at the adorable tiny manicure bomb compared to our giant bomb!

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Do you love to indulge in a manicure or pedicure on a regular basis? Do you love your cuticles to be soft and supple? Use some warm water and one of these adorable tiny bombs and soak your fingers during your manicure and enjoy the benefits of kokum butter to soften your skin and leave it feeling remoisturized!

Pedicure time might need 2 of these bombs but with 30 in a bag, you have plenty!  These bombs are NOT recommended for the professional foot baths. The butters could clog the jets. If you are looking for a bomb for those, chose a bomb that includes salt and not butters and no bubble effects!

These bombs come in a variety pack only. We are not currently offering them in individual scents.


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