Hello!  My name is Suz.  Welcome to Windy Hill Vanilla.

My children and I started this business so they could make lip balm for their teachers for gifts! Then they gave them to their friends! I wanted vanilla for baking and wasn’t satisfied with the “Pure” vanilla that had added colors, corn syrup or flavors. As it progressed and we had the ingredients to make more things we expanded and found it fun. Then we realized that this provided us with the perfect opportunity for our family to give a little extra to God.

We have a group of youth that come and we use part of this income to provide food for them before we have Bible study lessons. It has truly been a blessing for our family and for this group of teens! We look for this to continue to grow and expand in amazing ways as we give more and more back to Him. Thank you for sharing in His work with us!

Family Pic