Heather Helton – Warsaw, Indiana


Just tried the body butter as it arrived today in the mail! I must say that this is perfect!! When I first applied it, I was skeptical. The oils were thick and I didn’t think that they would melt, but they have melted wonderfully into my skin. I cannot wait to see how my skin reacts the rest of the week. This is far superior to the pricey expensive $15 – $20 bottles I have purchased at Macy’s and Ulta. I cannot wait to see how my skin is tomorrow! It hasn’t felt this smooth since I had a professional body scrub and lotion session!!! That being said, I MUST have : lemongrass and ginger in the scrub, body butter, foot lotion, and a lip balm ….not sure what scents you have for those.

Shasta Ball on Facebook

Thanks to Suz Mears Ness and her Windy Hill Vanilla sinus oil product for helping my migraine at 3:30 this morning! I thought I was going to lose another day, but thankfully I am up and going at full speed!

Randi via Facebook

The saddest thing just happened as I was making cookies. I used the last of your vanilla!! I love it and now I’m out right before Christmas. I guess I better sweet talk you into sending more with your sweet sister Sunday!

Katie via Facebook

Suz! I didn’t realize that YOU were the Windy Hill Vanilla lady! I work at Brew’ha and I have been using your hard shampoo for several weeks now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It gives a clean feeling but still leaves my hair with that day after washing texture that makes styling a breeze. And Kay gave us some goodies as part of our Christmas gift and your raspberry lip balm is fantastic, great moisture and gives just a touch of color that is so flattering. And the sugar scrub is fabulous, of course.

Shasta via Facebook

Your products seriously make me feel like I just had a spa day!! I can’t remember the last time my skin felt so soft in the middle of winter.